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Pi Day and Version 0.7.9: (March 14, 2022) - permalink


Happy Pi day everyone!


I'm back! Kinda... The project has been on hiatus for 2 years as I took a break for other things. While I'm not officially back to working on y-cruncher, I am giving it some much needed updates.

  1. A new binary for Zen 3: AMD graciously provided me a Zen3 system to do this, though the results are mixed. The Zen 3 tunings generated by the superoptimizer aren't strictly better than Zen 2's tunings. For benchmarking, you may want to try both and see which one is faster for your specific system.

  2. The 18-CNL binary for Cannon Lake has gotten a facelift and is now retuned for an 8-core Tiger Lake laptop with 64GB of ram. This significantly bigger system has produced a binary that is noticeably faster than the old one. (3-5% improvement) This improvement should translate to Alder Lake and Sapphire Rapids.

  3. Added some minor features and bug fixes for some new issues that arose on some very large computers.

  4. Compilers and libraries have been updated 2 years to the latest. I have yet to test if the latest TBB fixes the low CPU utilization issue from before.

  5. A lot of the old binaries (00-x86, 04-P4P, 05-A64, 08-NHM, 11-SNB, 11-BD1), have been either removed or retuned for newer processors. In these past 2 years of hiatus, I cleaned out my lab and retired a bunch of the older computers which were used to tune these binaries. So don't expect these binaries to be any faster on the old systems they were originally meant for.

Looking forward, I do expect to do updates for Zen 4 (AVX512!) and possibly Sapphire Rapids HEDT - though the latter is questionable depending on pricing.


Generally speaking, I try to max out a system's core-count and memory since that gives the best tuning results (and thus best performing binary). But this can be expensive to do for higher end systems since nearly all my hardware is out-of-pocket.